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Simplify Receipt Management with Data Capture from Receipts

Gain a 360-degree view of purchases, wherever customers shop. Our industry-leading receipt scanning and online purchase data technology captures and returns enriched, SKU-level purchase data at scale.

The Most Accurate First-Party Consumer Data

The way consumers shop is constantly evolving. Whether it’s validating promotions, powering a panel for consumer insights, or informing media and advertising strategies, Microblink takes an AI-first approach to extracting and enriching in-store and online purchase data.


Our user-permissioned solutions empower your customers to take full ownership of their data and shape their own rewarding and personalized experiences.

Powerful receipt scanner for efficient data extraction

Users can easily capture paper receipts in real-time, on-device using your app. First, Microblink’s proprietary receipt OCR converts images to text. Next, we take it a step further, translating product descriptions and codes into SKU-level data – regardless of the format or merchant. Our SDK even guides users to successful mobile receipt capture – for example, telling a user it’s “too blurry” or to “move closer.”

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Collect comprehensive first-party purchase data from eReceipts

Connect to users’ email inboxes via your mobile app to collect a more comprehensive understanding of purchases from eReceipts. Microblink connects to a user’s inbox and extracts relevant messages from identified merchant senders. We support IMAP for Gmail, Yahoo, and AOL and OAuth for Outlook. Credentials are stored locally on the device.

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Enable precise historical purchase insights with account linking

Set it and forget it. Extract purchase data directly from merchant websites via your mobile app or web browser extension. Obtain data as far back as the account exists, enabling precise historical purchase insights at scale. Users link their accounts for each merchant they want to connect. Credentials get stored locally, never leaving the device.

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How It Works

Our proprietary product intelligence enables unit-level insights at scale so that you can validate purchases, reward promotions, and report on brand, category, and UPC-level confidence.

Scan and capture physical receipts, or connect to user email inboxes or merchant accounts through an existing mobile app or web browser.
Microblink uses a variety of ML and non-ML techniques to extract first-party purchase data, including merchant, date, product prices and quantities.
Enrich data to unlock SKU-level data at scale, powered by our proprietary catalog of 15 million products – and growing. As part of the ingestion process, products are cleaned via AI at a brand and category level to ensure consistency and actionability.
Use Cases
3B+ transactions processed every year
CPG Promotions
Purchase-based Promotions
Market Research
Purchase Validation
Advertising & Marketing
Sweepstakes, Contests & Rebates
Why BlinkReceipt?
Real-time capture & validation
Capture and digitize paper receipts in <1s to reward users in real-time.
Built-in eReceipt aggregation
Combines digital receipts into one clean set of results, including all order status updates, substitutions, removals, and confirmation.
Duplicate & fraudulent receipt detection
ML and non-ML techniques determine whether a receipt has been seen before.
BlinkReceipt supports all merchants for paper and digital receipts, with applied ML models built to easily adapt to ever-changing layouts.
Omnichannel solutions
Extract first-party purchase data across paper receipts, digital receipts, email inboxes, and connected merchant accounts.
Proprietary product catalog
Purchase data is cleaned and enriched using Microblink’s proprietary catalog of 15+ million products.


Extract SKU-level purchase data from all sources.

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Mobile SDKs

Turn any iOS or Android device into an AI-powered receipt scanner.


Send receipt images as API calls and get the parsed data results back.

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