Welcome to Crete III: Through dark lanes to new stars

A conference dedicated to celebrate the career of Prof. Charles Lada

The Crete NATO Advanced Study Institutes on Star Formation in 1990 and 1998, organized by Charles Lada and Nick Kylafis, were a landmark in the development of the star and planet formation community.

Many of the attendants of these schools are now well-established researchers across the world, pushing the boundaries of the field forward with a new generation of telescopes and simulations. 

The Crete III conference, to be organized in Crete in September 2019, will be a celebration of star formation research, its community, and in particular, the career of Prof. Charles Lada and its impact on the field. 

The program will cover research on:

• Molecular clouds
• Dense cores
• Disks and outflows
• YSO classification
• Embedded clusters
• Star formation rates and efficiencies in the Milky Way and beyond

Looking forward to seeing you in Crete!